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Axsys Technologies' software development pursues two streams: Services & Products. In service offerings, Axsys starts by understanding the exact software requirements of the client and their business needs and designs tailor-made, cost effective solutions aimed at augmenting the business goals of the client. Customized Application Development covers a range of areas: Financial Applications, Process Applications, Application Testing Tools, Automation Systems, eCommerce Portals and Animated User / System Manuals. Axsys has a depth of expertise
in Web-based Computing that enables it to provide customers with versatile, powerful and creative solutions.

Axsys' engineers possess universally recognized certifications
Each player brings years of experience and a passion for the work. Customers tap a collective experience of over 400 man-years of Software Design and Implementation.
Integrated Central Banking Application
The Integrated Central Banking System for the banking control sector covers all banking control monitoring and benchmark formation, viz. RSD, FISD, ForEx, Banking, Reserve Management, Currency, Return Management, etc. along with Inherent Appraisal, Disbursement, Recovery, Legal, Accounts, Administration, HR, etc.
Independent Loss Mitigation System
The Independent Loss Mitigation System can help recovery departments to predict and manage losses incurred in mortgage loans. The solution has seamless servicing as well as in-built loss mitigation principles.
It covers Delinquency Handling, Collections, Recoveries, Repayment, Refinance, REO, Foreclosures and Bankruptcies. Starting from Loan Origination to Foreclosure, this exhaustive system handles the entire complicated process of loss mitigation.

Independent Loss Mitigation System
Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP)
The Employee Stock Option Plan Management System assists employers of publicly traded companies in managing company
stocks reserved for employees. This application, developed in
J2EE, can be used to grant relevant privileges to employees,
allot shares to them at desired rates, forfeit allotted shares,
and manage relevant records and reports.

Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP)
Employee Appraisal & Performance Review System (E-Perf)
The Performance Review & Appraisal System is a web-based application that makes the entire performance review and appraisal procedure more efficient and error-free. The system manages the roles of the appraiser, appraisee, reviewer, human resource representative and systems administrator. Besides managing the appraisal process, this end-to-end application aids in managing users, monitoring employee growth, planning future growth, etc.

Employee Appraisal & Performance Review System (E-Perf)
Integrated Financial Management System (NBIFMS)
The Integrated Financial Management System is used by non-banking financial institutions who allocate term loans to business entrepreneurs. The system aims to maintain the entire life cycle of the loan right from Origination to Disbursement and Tracking, as well as Recovery,
if necessary. Adequate loss mitigation measures have also been embedded to ensure smooth recovery in cases of delinquency.
To aid the day-to-day running of the organization, inherent modules
like Accounts, Administration, Appraisal Cell, Recovery Cell, Legal
Cell, Business Promotion Cell, etc. have also been included.

Integrated Financial Management System (NBIFMS)
Online Design Tool
The Online Design Tool is a complex design tool, which has the capability of taking the parameters of a room and all fixtures within it,
and generating an AutoCAD drawing version as well as a cost sheet pertaining to setting up heating elements.The only one of its kind in the web world, the design tool was developed using several third party tools like VB, EXCEL, AutoCAD, FLASH, etc.
Web Application Development
The dedicated web team at Axsys keeps abreast of the latest technologies and practices in web development. Guided by the principles of Web 2.0, the developers ensure that the portals and websites are as collaborative and intuitive as possible. The Axsys
team uses multimedia to develop digital brochures and presentations for the purpose of interactive training, client communication, corporate presentations and product awareness. Axsys professionals use engaging designs, multimedia tools, recent technologies and comprehensive content to provide effective e-Learning solutions
in the form of courseware, software simulation, product demos, etc.
Critical Business Problem Solutions
PerkPark Parking Management System : Web-based Parking Solution
The PerkPark Parking Management System is an application that automates the reservation system for parking lots. The software
helps car owners to create an online account, register his / her vehicle, purchase permits, and make reservations for parking. By automating
the system, the application enables parking service providers to have better control over users as well as the entire process including booking, payment, penalization, etc.

PerkPark Parking Management System
XtenSi: Pharma / FMCG ERP
Xtensi is being developed as a one-stop-solution suited for FMCG
as well as Pharmaceutical companies. A single-window ERP solution,
it integrates and interconnects all the independent business process constituents eg. Finance, Production, Warehousing, Sales, Human Resource Management, etc. by means of a single database.

Customizable for clients, this universally accessible web application, besides monitoring current processes, also tracks past performances aiding in analyzing and strategizing.

Instinct: Business Process Mapping Tool
Instinct is an integrated, adaptable business management solution
that automates and streamlines business processes, delivers robust reporting and business intelligence, connecting employees, customers, and partners across a global marketplace. Flexible and easy to use, Instinct also offers an intuitive user experience - helping people to fuel business productivity, make confident decisions and respond quickly to new marketplace opportunities.
WCe in put file generation application enabling RMS database extraction and conversion to importable WCe server side flat file, RMS EDM file set for external transmission and conversion of received file set to importable WCe.
Kaushik Roy
Vice President - Marine
Landline: +91 33 40219684
Mobile: +91 9007021900
Koushik Ghosh
Technical Project Manager - Marine & Non-Marine Software
Landline: +91 33 40219687
Mobile: +91 9830044732
Axsys Technologies assists in the transformation of systems from
legacy platforms to updated ones of choice with value added services such as documentation (for both legacy systems as well as transformed systems), end-user training / handholding & remote application support. Axsys Technologies also enables legacy database migration, eg. from DB2 to Oracle.
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