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IRS Rules and Programs (IRAP) (In development stage)

  • Development of Classification Rules for Design, Construction and Maintenance of Steel Vessels, for IRS.
  • Interactive Web/Desktop based interface for the Classification Rules for Design, Construction and Maintenance of Steel Vessels.
  • Shall enhance the use of IRS Set of Classification Rules.
  • The application has a built – in search engine, developed by AXSYS, which allows the user to search and view rules information
  • Has in – built APIs developed by AXSYS which can automatically calculate any formula encountered in the rules.

IRS e-Ships (In development stage)

  • Application to Manage Certificates, Surveys and IRS Holograms.
  • An interactive web based (Intranet and Internet) interface that contains all related information about Vessels, Ship Owners, Surveyors, Managers, Agents, and Quotations.
  • Generates email alerts and mass email notifications to all users around the globe.
  • Provides graphical and analytical reports, and attach a file with any record

Marine Software developed in association with ABS

1. CSR SafeShip & ABS SafeHull

  • Common Structural Rule for tanker > 150m
  • Ship Structural Analysis Tools
  • Mainly used to model the structures and determine stresses using first principle (ISE Module) and FE Method (TSA Module).

2. Hull Maintenance

  • Structural Maintenance System
  • Tracking of structural condition of assets throughout the life-cycle
  • It captures & stores condition data viz., Gauging, Pitting, Damage, Recommendation, Repair, Critical Area, and Compartment Inspection, and predicts life of the vessel.

3. SafeCAD

  • AutoCAD based Structural modeling software using ARX.
  • SafeCAD creates the Ship model database for “Hull Maintenance” application.

4. ABS Nautical Systems LLC

  • A fully integrated product suite NS 5 was developed by Axsys which handles every aspect of operational management – from regulatory requirements, to payroll, to planned maintenance programs.
  • NS 5 makes fleet management easier and more efficient, providing increased productivity and more effective cost control flow from its ability to link management, operations, and onboard personnel into a seamless information stream


A complete computerized package that allows chemical carrier operators to perform many integrated functions, including:

  • Determining the ports of call
  • Accepting cargoes as fixed or "tentative"
  • Planning the proposed stowage plan
  • Reviewing the compatibility of cargoes on board
  • Referencing the history of parcels within designated tanks
  • Checking to ensure proper stability
  • Ensuring proper tank cleaning regime
  • Recording stowage as they actually occurred

BFSI Domain [Insurance]

  • Have a reference universe of loans which client will use to analyze borrower value, loan behavior
  • Help Identify relative risk factors [borrower risk, loan risk, behavior risk and market risk]
  • Assess what is driving a borrower’s individual risk and place the loan in an appropriate queue for optimal loss mitigation or resolution
  • Help the Associate drive an interview or conversation with the borrower with better intelligence
  • Help the Associate recommend the most likely solution at the right time with a predictable view
  • Provide the Associate with better Latitude/Flexibility for negotiation thru more than one choice of resolution

Symphony (Mortgage Underwriting Automated Decision System)

Auto-decision (risk, credit and collateral rules) Increase the capacity to underwrite loans i.e Reduce processing time
Manual underwriting (workflow, 2-way messaging between UW & Lender) Increase flexibility on various channels and products
All external and internal interfaces (including file translation capabilities) Increase productivity and reduce cost
Certification of insurance (application of cash) Eliminate Internal and External touch points
Policy Servicing Better customer contact management
Ability to process bulk deals for insurance and mortgage backed security Long term solution with a vendor who will keep up with current technology

Employee Performance Review & Appraisal System

The Appraisal System includes three participants, viz, Appraisee, Appraiser and Reviewer. Appraisee will fill up the required form or set of questionnaire and with his/her comments and forward it to the Appraiser. Appraiser will go through the document, rectify it, and if necessary make a joint meeting with reviewer and sent it back to appraisee for his /her approval. This may continue for multiple times. After a acceptance level reached between the appraisee & Appraiser and reviewer the Final Document will be signed off by Appraisee with comments and forwarded to Appraiser for comment and forwarded to Reviewer. The Reviewer, if needed, sits with Appraisee and Submit the final Appraisal.

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